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10 Tips for Sellers to Keep Your Escrow Together 01-02-2015

Many of the reasons for escrows being cancelled can be addressed in advance by careful consideration of details. These tips may help avoid the emotional challenges of having one’s escrow cancelled.

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Are The Holidays A Good Time To Buy Or Sell A Home? 12-01-2014

Is it a correct observation or a misconception that it is a disadvantage to list your home for sale during the holiday period?  Conventional belief has generally been that November-December is the worst time of the year to have a home on the market.  The reasons for this thinking are that people go on vacation, holidays distract attention, bad weather may inhibit some buyers, and many real estate agents discourage home sellers from winter listings.

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The Power of "Staging" 11-01-2014

In any real estate market, the showing condition of the house and property is crucial to success. More than 80% of the buyers are previewing homes online before deciding whether to see them inside. They eliminate a substantial number of homes previewed online because they appear cluttered, too small and unattractive in their photos.

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The Home Sale Process 09-01-2014

Have you ever wondered how the home sale process works?  Of course, it begins with the selection of which agent to hire to do the job. This part of the process generally involves interviews with two or three prospective agents, selected based upon their presence in the area where your property is located.

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Leasing During a Remodel 05-01-2014

When people decide that their home no longer works as well as it had, they may choose to sell  and  buy a larger place, or perhaps they are ready for a lifestyle change that involves moving out of the area. Others may really love their location, but find that the current layout or size of their home has become too challenging to live with. The choice becomes either to move or to remodel their current home.

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Palisades Housing Market - Looking Back and Forward 01-03-2014

As we begin 2014, the number of homes available for sale in Pacific Palisades is as low as it has been since the end of 2004.  There are only 54 homes on the market, which is the same level of supply as at the beginning of 2013. Due to the high demand for Palisades houses especially under $2 million, the average list price is almost unbelievably 50 percent higher than it was 12 months ago.

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An Unprecedented Market 11-15-2013

Real estate prices in the Palisades have continued a steady and much stronger increase than could reasonably have been expected. Fueled by a historically low cost of money, the number of homes sold in 2013 is 20% greater than last year. This has resulted in prices being about 15% higher than last year.  As long as the number of homes available for sale is less than would be sold in 4-6 months, the upward pressure on prices is likely to continue.

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A Close Look at the Current Palisades Market 10-01-2013

We are often asked, “How is the market doing now? Where do you see it headed?” The answers to these questions have been relatively easy to give for the last year or so. Today, however, this is not at all an easy subject to fully understand.

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Palisades Home Leases 09-16-2013

There continues to be much interest in the local real estate leasing market.  Owners who choose not to sell their current property for various reasons have asked what is involved and how the process works if they decide to lease. We are also asked if this is a good area to purchase real estate for long-term investments and if the income from leasing would be enough to justify the investment.

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Multiple Offer Tips 08-12-2013

Multiple offers refers to the situation when a seller receives more than one purchase offer at the same time, or before a counter offer is presented to the first buyer who has presented an offer and another offer is received. This has occurred fairly often since the local real estate market began its recovery in 2011, and is a refreshing change for many sellers who previously might have felt fortunate if anyone made an offer on their property. Conversely, of course, it has resulted in an environment that has become increasingly frustrating to well-qualified buyers who repeatedly are out-bid in their attempts to buy a home.

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